Program #1

Headbangers Parade #1 at Mainstage Brabanthallen Den Bosch January 15th 2023. This is the first edition of Headbangers Parade with Architects as the headliner.
Northlane at Headbangers Parade 2023

Northlane band

If you had to sum up Northlane in a word, it would be resilient. In their 12-year career, the four-piece have weathered the kind of storms that would have seen most other bands bow out of the game, yet, through every bout of turbulence, Northlane emerges on the other side with fortitude and a trailblazing […]
Stake band at Headbangers Parade

Stake band

What to say about Stake? Over a decade ago, four youngsters – barely 12 years old and at the verge of growing their first pubic hair – started making music in a shabby rehearsal room, somewhere in Flanders’ Fields. The music was LOUD, and hard, uncompromising, tantalizing. Before they knew it, their modest outfit was gigging […]
Sleep Token band at Headbangers Parade

Sleep Token band

Beneath the Sleep Token banner, lies the unique, broad-based vision of one individual – anonymous, silent, masked, armed with a staggering vocal range, a deft touch on the keyboards, plus a live approach that is never less than fully engaged. The UK underground entity only known as Sleep Token, fronted by Vessel, began the Sundowning ritual June 20th 2019 with […]
Ghostkid band at Headbangers Parade

Ghøstkid band

GHØSTKID is the new namesake of Sebastian “Sushi“ Biesler (formerly Eskimo Callboy) and a conspiracy of friends and likeminded allies who have come to a riot of their own: Steve Joakim (drums) from Sweden as well as Danny Güldener (guitar) and Stanislaw Czywil (bass), both of whom played in To The Rats And Wolves. The new […]
Molybaron band at Headbangers Parade

Molybaron band

Formed in Paris, late 2014, by Dublin-born singer/guitarist Gary Kelly and Parisian guitarist Steven Andre, MOLYBARON have a sound that encompasses everything from state-of-the-art tech-grooves and anthemic metal to multi-layered atmospherics and big riffs, the band’s eccentric flair sets them apart.
TesseracT band at Headbangers Parade

Tesseract band

TesseracT is an English progressive metal band that was at the origin of the Djent movement. According to some, bands like TesseracT are the future of metal. We’re not sure if that’s going to be the case, but if it is, we could get it worse. Prog metal is technically and creatively demanding. The band […]
Architects band at Headbangers Parade

Architects band

Architects is one of those bands that emerged in the heydays of metalcore. After a few years their album ‘Hollow Crown’ showed their worth in the metalcore genre. At that time they started to play support slots for bands like Parkway Drive, A Day to Remember and Bring Me the Horizon. But it did not […]