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Fck My Anxiety” is the first single from Love, Death and Decay. Judging by the outbursts of anger that the track is full of, the second full-length album (with the name Stake) promises to be more unparalleled than its predecessor. From the first second, Singer Brent unleashes the beast within, which ensures that there is not a moment free to gasp.

With a view to a new tour, we are confident that “Fck My Anxiety” will provide unseen scenes. The guitar and drum parts together make up one steaming hot riff soup that makes it impossible to sit still. Knowing that the band members have been active since 2004, it is worth noting that heavy music does not bore them. Stake does not reinvent itself, but sets the bar high for what is yet to come.

Love, Death and Decay will be released on September 30. You can look forward to hear this new music at Headbangers Parade in January.

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June 18, 2022

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