New single Architects ‘a new moral low ground’

  • Architect rehearsals for shows in January
  • Architect rehearsals for shows in January

The new song is a bit heavier than the previous songs. The song opens friendly with a synthesizer and clean vocals but soon comes at you with a wall of sound. A build-up that we often saw in older songs of the band. Yet this song also has the new sound of Architects.

Halfway through the song you are confronted with a breakdown that slowly turns into a real guitar solo. Something you hardly heard in the older songs of the band. The single is also infused with melodic tunes, catchy choruses and whirlwinds of guitar sounds. You can hear the development of the band.

The British metalcore formation from Brighton has been a regular at the top of the metalcore scene for years and with ‘a new moral low ground’ as the latest addition to their bulging arsenal of songs, they show that they are more than worthy of this status.


October 11, 2022

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