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British prog-metal act Tesseract have shared some photos from the studio where they are working on their fifth album and follow up to 2018’s Sonder.

In February, the band released the Regrowth EP, featuring the two singles “Hollow” and “Rebirth,” to benefit Ukraine. The proceeds are set to be donated to the Regrowth Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) as they continue to aid those in Ukraine.

“These songs have been in the Tesseract domain for a while,” said the band via statement. “We had developed them for album 5, but they just weren’t the right fit for where that album has headed. Rather than have them slowly decay on a server somewhere, we felt they could do something good, no matter how small? Many organisations are doing good at the moment. Médecin Sans Frontières, Amnesty International, and World United. We chose to help The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) in their drive to aid those in Ukraine affected by the invasion by Russia, and warzones around the world. Our last headline tour visited Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv. We have travelled the roads currently under attack, but cannot begin to imagine the change they have undergone.”

Regrowth is available for purchase here. In the meantime, Tesseract has been announced as one of the performers at In Flames‘ Dalhalla Brinner festival on August 6 in Dalhalla, Sweden .

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June 18, 2022



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