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Festival location:
Klokgebouw 50
5617 AB eindhoven

March 9th 2024
12pm - 12am


March 9, 2024 • Klokgebouw Eindhoven



Get ready to experience the wild ride that is Attila at Headbangers Parade 2024! Born in Atlanta in 2005, Attila embarked on a relentless journey to infuse the metal scene with undeniable fun and non-stop energy. Known for their explosive stage presence and defiant spirit, they’ve firmly established themselves as metalcore royalty.
  • Attila at Headbangers Parade

Attila’s rise to the top is a tale of perseverance and hard work, consistently outlasting the trends and buzz bands in the heavy music scene. Their impact extends beyond the stage, transforming into a global brand synonymous with both party vibes and hardcore work ethic.

Join us as Attila takes over Eindhoven with their monster sound and fearless attitude. Don’t be fooled by their party reputation – these guys mean serious business and are set to deliver one of the most unforgettable performances at the festival!

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