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Festival location:
Klokgebouw 50
5617 AB eindhoven

March 9th 2024
12pm - 12am

Crown Magnetar

March 9, 2024 • Klokgebouw Eindhoven



Brace yourselves for the raw intensity of Crown Magnetar at Headbangers Parade 2024! As one of the most formidable forces in the metal scene, Crown Magnetar brings a relentless energy that will captivate and energize fans like never before.
  • Crown Magnetar at Headbangers Parade

With their commanding presence and ferocious sound, Crown Magnetar has rapidly ascended within the ranks of heavy music. They blend technical proficiency with an unbridled passion for metal, creating a sound that’s both aggressive and mesmerizing. Known for their dynamic live performances, they promise to deliver a set that’s not just heard, but felt in every bone.

Get ready for a performance that’s sure to be a festival highlight. Crown Magnetar is more than a band; they’re a sonic explosion waiting to happen.

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