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Festival location:
Klokgebouw 50
5617 AB eindhoven

March 9th 2024
12pm - 12am


March 9, 2024 • Klokgebouw Eindhoven



Aviana, the powerhouse of Swedish Alternative Metal, is set to unleash their groundbreaking sound at Headbangers Parade 2024! Since the release of ‘Epicenter’ in 2019, and with frontman Joel Holmqvist at the helm, Aviana has embarked on a thrilling new chapter. Their latest releases, including ‘Obsession’, ‘Overcome’, ‘Rage’, ‘Oblivion’, and ‘Retaliation’, showcase the quintessential elements of a modern Metal band.
  • Aviana at Headbangers Parade

With a track record of electrifying performances across the UK, EU, and Asia, and having shared stages with the likes of Crystal Lake and Make Them Suffer, Aviana has solidified its position at the forefront of the metal scene. Joel’s dynamic leadership promises that Aviana is not just riding the wave of metal evolution – they are leading it.

Prepare for an intense, energy-packed performance that is guaranteed to be one of the highlights at Headbangers Parade 2024. Aviana is here not just to perform, but to conquer!

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